Thursday, January 19, 2012

Avon Genics

First thing off the back this product is to helps renew you skin and makes you look 10 years younger. This is a night cream that you use after you wash your face.Its a white cream with a light clean sent.  So when i was at the Avon Home for the Holidays even last Sept. I learned that your skin starts ageing at 20 so i started using it thinking it would help proven't again. I already look like I'm really young so all this product did was make my skin brake out like crazy. It also broke me out in hives. I think this may be better for women in there 30s. I say try it when your older. Best use when your older. But if its on sale for lest then 38 bucks get it to try it or see if there doing a deal with free day cream or they had it with a free scarf and i have also seen it come with free travel size.

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