Friday, January 27, 2012

I-Mark Custom Shadows and Good Glowing Blush

High pigmented shadows and blushes. There kinda like the MAC custom palettes, but you get more shadow for a lot less. There are several different colors.  Plus there is a holing case for the shadows and blush. The one in the pictures is the large one that they don't make anymore. This size holds 8 shadows or 4 blushes or mix and match. I found out that were the brushes go fit the blush and shadows. Now they only have a small size and a mid one. which i have a mid one that i haven't put anything in yet. 
The colors in the palette (from left left)
After Glo , Lotus, Plum Velvet, Whisper, Fairy Dust, Glitterati, Corset, Cameo Glo
Shadows are $6 each and the Blush are $8 each 
Also make the I- Mark Metallics and Good Glowing Mosalc Blush

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