Thursday, February 9, 2012

Must Have in Your Purse

How many times a have you gone out and had sticky hands, started to rain on you, or even spills something on your shirt? My son has almost 2 years old so i carry a lot of things with me but i do have must haves in my bag for every day use.

All my little things are all in a gold Vince Camuto make- up there i have-
  • comb, brush and hair tie- you never know how your hair is going to look
  • a Tide to Go pin- for small spills on you shirt or pants.
  • Eye drops- if you eyes dry out
  • Chap Stick - dry lips
  • Floss- to clean teeth
  • Body Spray- to make sure you always smell good
  • Lent brush- add to making your self look good
  • Hand sanatizer- clean hands
  • Face Whips to have a clean face
  • Head ace meds
  • Mints- make sure your breath is always good
  • Lotion for soft hands
  • Pen and paper so you can write things down
  • and a Eco bag so if your out shopping you don't have to have a ton of bags
I hope this helps you guys. This will always be a good list of things to have in your bag. and at least have hand sanitizer and chap stick that is a must and of that story.

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