Saturday, March 10, 2012

STYLEMINT Oscar Mystery Grab Bag

STYLEMINT is a monthly membership site that sells T-Shirts with sister sites (Jewelmint, Beautymint, and Shoemint) Everything on the site is $29.99 You take a quiz to find your perfect T-Shirt style. Everyone in a while they will send out a email that says there doing a limited edition grab bag. The last one  the put out was the Oscar one.  Mine came with 2 Stylemint shirts, a Jewelmint peace, and a Beautymint product. The idea that i got are-


Bleeker T- a 3/4 sleeve shirt scoop neck in flaming pink

Prince T- just like a basic tee in blue water



I'm glad i signed up for this site just cuz of this. Everything on these sites are $29.99 each so this all should of cost $199.96 but i got it all for just the price of $29.99. Sign up its free to sign up and look and make sure you get the emails for these deals. Its so worth it!

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