Saturday, May 19, 2012

Travel Must Haves for me- Bathroom Products

I'm going to West Virginia this summer and can't wait :) So i started packing (5 weeks early) Looking at my bag i just thought why not show what i pack on a trip. 

First thing is my face. Lets start at my face wash. I use 3 diffident ones Clinque  7 day scrub, foam cleanser and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Next is my Clinique clarifying lotion clarifante. Last it my Clinique   moisture surge and dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

Now my teeth(and sunscreen Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock) toothbrush, Pronamel toothpaste, Scope dual blast mouthwash, and floss sticks(sea animal ones)

other things are Pink Chiffon body lotion, Herval Essences shampoo, Caress glowing touch body wash  

Teen Spirit Deoderant,Clinique eye makeup remover, ameican girl realbeauty energzing spa cooling body moisturizer, hairbrush, and Mark body glow.

So thats the things that I pack for my trips. Hope it helps you some for you summer trip :)

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