Friday, July 6, 2012

Clothing Haul- Vanity, Deb, Charlotte Russe, Thrift Shop

My West Virgin trip is coming to a close and i have been shopping! Here are just somethings i have picked up during my trip

From Vanity 
This was at first priced at $34.80 Then priced at $11.98 Then i got 30% off everything I bought so it ended up being $8.39

This was at first $26.80 then marked down alot and the last price i could see on the tag was $5.98 and got 30% off made it $4.19

This shirt was $29.80 and it was 70%off that was only $8.94

$19.80 on sale for $11.98 plus 30% off so made them only $8.39

$7.80 marked down to $1.98 plus 30% off $1.39

Same with these $1.39

From Charlotte Russe

$21.99 and on sale for $10

From Thrift Store

Love that i got a New York and Company button up for $2

And from Deb

On Clearance for just  $6 on sale 

I did buy a few other things but did have with me at the time. More coming soon :)

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