Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Impressions

Have you ever had new neighbors that you never met but knew you didn't like them cuz they were load or kids ran a muck? Last year we had this family move in the the apartments i live in and the second i saw them i  didn't like them. Never talked to them, never said hello, nothing. Just didn't like them. They lived the building next to ours and there kids we're always running around in the streets and always in the way. When the kids were out of school they would be in between the two building make alot of noise. One day a few months ago i could take them being load plus my son was a sleep so i told them, "Can ya'll go be load somewhere else. My son is a sleep and needs his rest." They moved on but one of the girls lived in the back of the complex and had a older sister who i guess she told her what i said. After that the 2 sister would be load as the could be around me and that got old fast. The kids who lived next to me added to the load noise. More then once i thought about calling the cops for a noise complaint (but never did) We made jokes in my family saying that why can't they be kicked out or something. A few days ago i was out at the pool and one of the people who lived there came out to the hot tub. For a while i thought about leaving but i desired that i would go see if he minded if i could sit in the hot tub with him. He said it was cool and we started talking. After a while some the kids who lived there came out to see him and started talking for a bit then left. We started talking again and i realized that he wasn't as bad as i thought. The next day i hung out with him again and he was babysitting the kids and they came out to the pool with him and at first i didn't know if i wanted to hang out with him cuz i knew the kids where annoying but i thought maybe if they get on my nerves i can just walk home. At first everyone was quite and then we all started talking and playing games. I realized that they weren't as bad as i thought they where either.  Now i like hanging around them. I guess your really can't judge a person if you don't know them. Just because someone looks different or annoying doesn't mean they really are. Get to know someone be for you judge them.

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