Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Dream Bedroom

So we are finely moving. So i get to make a room the way i want it for the first time in forever. I've been looking online and at diffrent stores for the perfect way i want my room. I have desided that my room is going to be a winter wonderland year round. Good think that christmas stuff is out so i can pick up snowflakes and other christmas things. My colors are going to be Silver, White and Gold.  Most of the little decor things i want are from Garden Ridge so there arnt pictures of them below but everything else there is pictures. 
A throw blanket that goes with the bedding i found

Throw pillow

and the bedding I am in love with

My bed that i have been looking forever. 

Dresser that i love 

the one thing i really want is a walk in closet but if i can have that im really just one a bigger closet in general. so this would be good as some extra storage

and last thing is a mirror for a vantiy that i wanna get(its more of a simple desk from garden ridge

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Dream Wedding Dress

I got engaged about 3 months ago and i knew what dress i wanted. That means any Alfred Angelo Disney Princess dress. Yesterday i went on to his site and saw the 2013 dresses but i still have my fav on since the first time i saw it online. 

style 203- Sleeping Beauty. This is the one i have wanted since i first saw it 

style 220- Snow White. One of the 2013 dresses that i and falling in love with.

Style 226- Cinderella 2013- So simple and beautful

Style 227 Sleeping Beauty- Another Sleeping Beauty that i love 

And last but not least Style 205 Cinderella A very simple and wonderful dress. 
Here is the problem what dress do i want to pick? Any ideas?