Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Short Story- About 10 Years

I've been writing some and this is a true story that i wrote. Tell me what you thing......

About 10 Years by Cody Rachael

I remember the day we met, well more like how me met. I had got to school early It was maybe a month into my freshman year of high school. I saw a friend of mine, C. by the front school door talking to him. I walked over there to see who he was. I though he was really hot. Started talking to my friend then he introduced us. Funny they had the same name but yet I forgot it the next day. He wasn't in school the next day. Came to find out HIM wasn't at school a lot. Next time HIM was at school HIM remembered me. Didn't know HIM would. He was always showed me how really world was. The next school year C. wanted to ask out a friend of mine and didn't want to go out with her alone so HIM asked me if I knew someone who would go out with him. So i told him to ask my best friend out and HIM did. My best friend liked him. C and my friend didn't end up going on this date but since my best friend knew someone for me so it ended up being my best friend, the guy that asked me out, me and him. We all were meeting up at Hot Topic. Me always being early got there and He was there. My date nor my best friend were there yet. Me and him talked. I wanted it to just be me and him But i couldn't tell him that. My best friend showed up. I felt alone for a bit. My date showed up about 30 mins later. We all hung out and when and saw Step UP. After the movie my Best friend had to leave and it was just us 3. He told me HIM wasn't in to her. They broke up a few weeks later. He hated and still hates they guy i was dating. The day after me and that guy split up, I came to school crying. HIM and another one of my guy friends came to me and tried to cheer me up. They both walked me to class that day. Our first few classes were down the hall or next to each other. It was always nice to have him there. I didn't realise then how much I wanted him. Never knew why we never tried anything. About a year after later HIM told me HIM was joining the military. I told him I hated him and never wanted to speak again. There was a day the next year or more school year. He came up to the school to get his sister. We talked a bit but not like we used to. I for got about that.I ended up meeting his sister through a friend of mine I didn't remember her. 
 I graduated high school and met this guy and was happy, Then i logged on to Myspace and saw it it. A message. From HIM. I read it could be leave it was him. He wrote that HIM saw me at his sisters choir contest and called my name but i didn't respond or see him. When i saw that I thought about it.  I could remember the night. I wonder if i saw him and didnt realise it. Who knows. We talked over Myspace for a while. Told him i was pregnant, talked about him being in Japan, everything. I when through a horrible brake up and HIM when through a lose of a friend and his dog around the same time. It was hard not having him here. I didtn even know what to say to him about what HIM was going through.  For a while we still talked on myspace since HIM was traveling for the military. when HIM got back to japan we started skypeing. Since there was a time different i stayed up all night talking to him. It was nice to have him there for me. He was the first person i told i was having a boy and was there when i was at the doctors. It was nice having that. At the time i didnt know what was going on between us. Was i feeling things because i was pregnant or had my heart broken or was it feelings i didnt think i had for him. He knew before i did what it was. He always would. HE always wanted to see my baby belly on skype and i tried to hide it all the time. One time we talked his room mate came in and asked if i was his girlfriend. He muted the mic so i have know clue what HIM told him. Don't think i ever will. When my son was born HIM messaged me wondering where i was them my mom repleted telling him that i was in the hospital about to have the baby.  When my son came home HIM ended up being the first friend who say him. When my son was 2 months old He came into town. The first time HIM came over we hung out and had pizza. Right before HIM left i told him to kiss me and we did. I made me feel amazing. Perfect to. In the rain. Amazing!
He came back over before HIM went back the Japan. We hadnt talked since the kiss and I tweeted out something about it. And HIM saw it. Made a joke about it. my parents let me stay at the house alone with him for about and hour or so and took my son with them. me and him started goofing off then HIM started tickling me. Then we kissed again. for a while. I didnt want it to stop. It was the best thing ever. After a few months of him gone and use not talking alot I started talking to some guy on this web site,M. I wasnt sure what was going on so i met M and hung out with him. Before anything else happen with M i told him. He was pissed at me. Kinda almost didnt make since. We werent together or anything. So why? He told me not to message or talk to him for a while. It hut me so much. I wrote him a letter and sent it to him. I dated M for about a year. During that hole time i missed talking to him. During the summer while i was with M, He messaged me. I was so happy. We talked and talked. He was in CA and we talked about me coming there to see him. I was going to take I'm to Disneyland for the first time. Magical sadly. Never did go out there. Was still confused about my feelings for him. There was one night were things went kinda fare between me and him over skype. Crazy. M came over a few mins after me and him got off. Never told M at all. I just thought to my self that HIM deserved better then me. 

I was planning a trip to see a friend the next summer after me and M broke up. As i was packing i can a call from HIM. He told me HIM was Finley back here. HE wanted me to come over and hang but i told him i was leaving in a few days and maybe when i got back from my trip we could. About a month or so after i got back from my trip i when over to his apartment. we watched cartoons and drank and talked about what was going on in our life's. We got close and we started just having fun. He knew i hated feet and kept trying to get away from his so i sat in his lap. we looked at each other that we had at my house so long ago. We kissed and everything made since in my life again. Just like before. I ended up falling a sleep after a few hours. 

We had a few hang outs like that. We hang get close and kiss and fall a sleep. The last time we hung out was the night before Christmas eve. Hung out like always did the same things. Drink, watch cartoons, drink more, talk, HIM would make fun of me then kiss, but this last time felt different. I just started rambling about how much i wanted to be with him and how much i had for years. we almost hooked up but he though he might of had something so we didnt. After we crashed and i woke up the next morning i just decided to see if he remembered and just stay i couldnt just to see what he would he say. About a month later he called me told me he was clean and was going to hit a bar to find someone. I thought maybe he didn't remember what i had told him and just bit my tong

A few month later he told me he was starting to see this girl his sister was friends with. I didnt say anything about how upset i was about it and just told him i was happy for him. Ive had a hard time talking to him since he started dating this girl. There are times i wish that he hadnt started seeing her but im not going to tell him that. When we last talked to each other he started talking about her and i had to hold back my feelings. He brought up the almost hook up out of the blue and i wondered what else he was going to tell me. Did he ever think maybe we could try something? Well he did tell me before if we ever are both single sometime that maybe we could try something but who knows what the future has for me and him. Maybe something could. but probley not. It will be 10 years this fall and I think its time to get over him and move on from everything but its going to be so hard to. I would have to get him completely out of my life not talking ever again. no more face book or are old convos from IM. It will be so hard to do this since everything i feel for him will never go away from me. How to you get over being friends with someone that makes your life better? Who tells you to look at the reality instead of the fantasy? The person who makes you feel better when your heart broken? I can't be inlove with him anymore. It hurts way to much. I can't feel this love pain what ever this is anymore. It's time to give up the one thing i want more then anything. If i dont, who knows what will happen. I may go crazy. If only he could tell me that we could never happen. That might be the only way.
Being heart broken is the only way i can think of what will happen in the future between me and him. Only way i can deal with it all...

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