Monday, August 4, 2014

My Makeup Storage and Collection- Palette Drawer

I have been organizing my makeup collection for a few months now and its now it looks great and I'm ready to show how i organize it. I have the Alex 9 drawer unit from Ikea. Most beauty people on youtube use it. It has 5 slider drawers and 4 deep drawers. This is the first deep drawer. I keep all of my makeup palettes and my fake eyelashes in. Here is an in deep photos of what is in side.

All 4 of the 2013 Disney Villains Kits from Elf Cosmetics. I love how these look. I keep thinking I'm going to take everything out of them and put the up on display. I have used the mascara in one of them as so one of the shadow brushes.

2 of the 3- 2012 Disney Villeins makeup sets from Elf Cosmetics

I have both of the Disney Princess Story Book palettes from Elf cosmetics. These are brand New and you can get them at your local Walgreens Stores or 

All of my Fake Eyelashes. Fake Lashes were all sent to me from Influenster. Lash glue and perfume samples.

This is my Youtube Video Box. Any of the videos I film and put up on Youtube I write it on a card and put it in here. It helps me keep up with what products i use and help to no make the same videos over and over again 

And... A......


If you would like to buy an Alex 9 drawer unit go to your local Ikea or

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