Monday, September 29, 2014

Elf Haul and Give a Way

So I love me some Elf Cosmetics. I watch there site just for there sales. This reason I watch for great deals. This order I just made there deal of the week(or a few days) was when you spend $20+ you get a mystery bag worth $21. Plus now there is free shipping when you spend $40. So in all i spent $40.60 this time around. 

September 2014 Ipsy Open Bag "Street Style"

If you didn't know Ipsy is a monthly subscription service of beauty products, such as hair, makeup skin care, etr. This is my 14th Ipsy glam bag. I have has several great bags and a handful of just ok bags. This month is kinda up in the air for me. I did peak when they open up the glam rooms this month. 

This first product is Briogeo Don't Despair Repair deep conditioning hair mask. I have tried 2 other hair masks. One of them was from a Ipsy bag. I don't really care for the scent of this. Its a mix of coconut and chemicals.  

This is the Nou

Be A Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder. Not 100% sure what this is used for. I think its a setting powder or what but it feels like baking soda.

Hikari lipstick in 

Last thing is the Pacifica Waterproof Eyeliner. Not sure of the color. Its a chocolate brown color. Its a good color though. Great for an at work or natural look.

In all I got 3 makeup products, a hair and skin care product.

First Nature Box

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top 10 Disney Animated Movies

My Top 10 Favorite Disney Animated Movies are-
  1. The Aristocats- I say this movie so many times when i was little. It has been my favorite since the very first. I love Marie and Paris. Love everything about this movie
  2. Sleeping Beauty- Princess Aurora is my favorite Disney princess and I love the story. A girl riesed in the forast with her fairy god mothers and finds love at first site who doesnt love that.
  3. Wreck it Ralph- I saw this movie the weekend it came out and bought it the day it was reduced on Blue Ray. Another great story of finding youself and the bad guy is the good guy in the end.
  4. Princess and the Frog- First hand drawn Disney movie in years and was great. Love the music. the art of this movie alone makes this on the list.
  5. Tangled- I love that it shows what dreams can really be
  6. Brother Bear- A story of love of family and that family can be anyone or any bear
  7. Beauty and the Beast- A story as old as time. Great way to teach kids and all people not to judge a book or person buy there looks  
  8. The Little Mermaid- A fish out of water tail. Reminds me of my hold life.
  9. The Pirate Fairy- I love all of the Disney Fairys movies. There such great storys and this one has to be my favorite for the fact that its a per hook time. You see hook be for he is hook
  10. The Lion King- Is Shakespeare for kids. Need i say more 

My Change of Youtube Channel

I am sorry for those who liked my beauty videos but between being bullied by kids and being told that my videos sucked I wanted to go to things that i love insted. Please stay toon for more from me. Thank you to those who did like my videos. and Thankyou for being kind insted of mean