Saturday, January 2, 2016

Count down to WDW

I went to my home away from home WDW back in September and I'm about to go back this Febeuary for my birthday with my parents, my son and my boyfriend. This will be our first trip to Disney together and i cant wait. Since we found out we are going to disney we have been doing a movie count down. Meaning a one disney movie a week. We stared 13 weeks out and kinda tried to watch one a week. Some of them he had never seen so it was even better. The ones that i had picked for us are a mix between new and orginals. My son did pick out Big Hero 6 that is his favorite for now. So far my boyfriends favorite is Tangled. WE have watched that one several times now and he loves it every time we watch it. Here is the list of all the ones we have been watching.

  1. Big Hero 6 (seen)
  2. Cars (seen)
  3. Peter Pan (Seen)
  4. Aaddan (seen)
  5. Neverbeast (seen)
  6. Pirate Fairy
  7. Little mermaid
  8. Tangled (seen and loved)
  9. Walle
  10. Lion King (SEen)
  11. Brave
  12. Beauty and the Beast (seen)

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