Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bullied out of my own apartment Part 1

I have been living with my roommate for about a year. She and I worked together at Macy's. She was fun to hang out with after work and during when we could. She has told me that her aunt and uncale were kicking her out since she desided not to go to collage anymore. So I asked why not her and I get an apartment together. She loved the idea. So we started looking. We looked at a few and found 2 we both liked. I should of know that this wasnt going to work out when she had to have her boyfriend look at the place
before she moved. He started making rules for the place and he didnt even live there.

The day we moved was also my birthday so i called up a friend to help us move some of the big stuff since my family worked and my dad couldnt lift much stuff since he hurt his back at work. So she called her boyfirend to tell him what she was doing. 5 mins later he called asked what was happening. She told him got off the phone and helped move some one. 5 mins after that he called again. Same thing happened all day long. Then when we finely got done me her and my friend all got food and hung out. MY roommates boyfiend Called yelling that my friend shouldnt be there and that he need to leave. I was pissed. 1 he has no say in this apartment, 2. Its my birthday, 3. Who gave him the right to say who i can bring over there. So my friend left. So again why did i think this was going to work out?

Spring break. So when her boyfriend came home for spring break he was over everyday. She gave him a key to the apartment so that gave him the right to come in to the apartment when he pleased. At the time i was working open to close at my job. So i would wake up clean up to kitchen, where there would be a huge mess that i didnt make but had to clean just to eat, get ready for work, and at he time i walked to work since it was only a mile and i didnt have a car, get to work, work all day, get off work at 930 maybe 10pm walk home, get home where her and her boyfirend were just sitting on the coach watching my tv and hanging out til she had work. go to my room shower then when she left go to the kitchen see a mess again and just forget about eating anything and just go to bed. That was my everyday at some point. One day durning that i was home and was just laying in my room over hearing them and HE told my roomamte that i was a slop. I didnt konw how to clean, and that i was just a horabbile person making her clean up after my mess. I started crying. I told her the next day if he wants to talk bad about me like that he can not be here. She got pissed said i have no right to be mad and that he can be there when ever he wants.

After spring break was over and her boyfriend went back to school, she got depressed. Like not getting out of bed showering or even taking care of herself. I felt bad so i tried getting her out of the house. I called up a friend of mine and said we should all go hang out and do something. We went to Main Event and we where having so much fun and then her boyfiend called. I had been posting pictures on Facebook and didnt even once thing about her boyfiend. So he called all pissed that she was out and having fun. So we had to leave. We went across the street to eat at the place she worked. All of a sudden i was getting text from her boyfiend asking where was she why wasnt she answering her phone and that he need to talk to her. We found out that she left her phone at Main Event. My friend told her taht she needs to break up with her boyfriend he was controling her. She told me that everyone needs to stay out of it and we all did.

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